Crochet! Nice to meet you!! :)

First it was the knitting… now I’ve learned the crochet…


So now I am addicted to both!!!


I can’t stop learning new stitches. And I realized I don’t like to repeat the ones I already know… anyone with the same “problem”?


New stitch or how I found I have a (not so) strange way of knitting


I’m trying to learn new stitches. But some of them are particularly difficult to learn because of the way I knit. No, it’s not the English style and neither the Continental… It’s the Portuguese style! And I didn’t even know it existed… I would call it a coincidence… But maybe not.. 😉

So, this Brioche stitch was a bit of a challenge because of this… And I am still not convinced! Any expert out there? Does it look like Brioche stitch to you? Or have I just created my own stitch??? 🙂 I’ll call it pomegranate stitch, if that’s the case!