Baby cardigan and the benefits of deadlines!

I started to knit this cardigan last summer. But then I got distracted with other knitting and crochet projects and forgot about it for a while. Also, the baby arrived in October so not so much free time since then!  😁 So when I went back to this project to finish it I realised it would be too big for next winter or fall, so I had to finish it quick! And then I did. So it must be true, when you have deadlines you find the time to finish stuff! 😂 It worked in this case.

Pattern bought on ravelry, it’s called Snug (link)


A gift for a friend’s baby girl

I made a few of these bibs for my son, and find them very useful as well as cute! So now I made one for a friend’s baby.

Pattern found on Pinterest, link here.

It’s very easy to follow and quick to make!


New stitch or how I found I have a (not so) strange way of knitting


I’m trying to learn new stitches. But some of them are particularly difficult to learn because of the way I knit. No, it’s not the English style and neither the Continental… It’s the Portuguese style! And I didn’t even know it existed… I would call it a coincidence… But maybe not.. 😉

So, this Brioche stitch was a bit of a challenge because of this… And I am still not convinced! Any expert out there? Does it look like Brioche stitch to you? Or have I just created my own stitch??? 🙂 I’ll call it pomegranate stitch, if that’s the case!