A gift for a friend’s baby girl

I made a few of these bibs for my son, and find them very useful as well as cute! So now I made one for a friend’s baby.

Pattern found on Pinterest, link here.

It’s very easy to follow and quick to make!



Mr Fox has a new friend

After “Mr Fox”, I chose to do frog, just because I had a nice green yarn ready to use… πŸ™‚

And yes, I love using IKEA cushions as backgrounds πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pattern of Mr Frog from the same source as Mr Fox (here).


It’s difficult to have time to knit or crochet when you have a small baby but…

… with bits done here and there I completed my first crochet rattle!

First it looked like this:

(And this bit was done by the end of February….) Looks like a microphone!! X-)

And finally yesterday I made it look like a Fox:

I think it’s pretty cool, but I’m sure all that bubba will want to do is try to eat it! 

I’m now working on another one, that will be a frog (hopefully….)

Patterns from here.


Improvised abstract crochet

I stopped here, because I ran out of blue, white and red. Now will it just hang on the wall as some sort of “crochet art piece” or should make a pillow cover out of it?

Looking at it now I regret not having put this colours together before for a scarf or something… 

Happy Monday!!

New house = DIY time!


So we forgot to buy pot holders on our IKEA-trip… Good opportunity to try something new and use the T-shirt yarn I bought 2 years ago, right?

So here is my first attempt to write a pattern! (I didn’t follow any pattern, just did them as I went…) Sorry for any mistakes Β or if it’s written in a confusing way… πŸ™‚


Square pot holder:

1. Chain – I made a chain with 15 loops, but can be as big or as small as you want.
2. Sc on the second loop from the end of the chain, and them one sc in every loop of the chain. Then chain one and turn the work
3. Sc in every sc of the previous row
4. Repeat 3 as many times as necessary to get the pot holder the size you want it to be.
5. When finished the last row chain 8-10 to make the little loop that allows you to hang your work.


Circular pot holder:

1. Make a magic circle with 6 sc. Slip stitch on the first sc and chain one.
2. Make 2xsc in each if the 6 stitches of the previous row. Slip stitch on the first sc and chain two.
3. Make 2x DC in each stitch from previous row. Slip stitch on the first sc and chain two.
4. Make a DC into the same stitch where you chained two, 2x DC in the next stitch, 1x DC in the next stitch. Then repeat until end: 2xdc, 2xdc, 1xc.
5. When you reach the end slip stitch into the first stitch, and make a small chain to to the hanging loop.

Sc= single croche
DC=double crochet

Vintage Hot Air Balloon necklaces




I really like the hot-air balloon motive. When I saw these pendants I just had to buy them straight away. And then I remembered I had these word-findings stored away and thought they would go really well together… Don’t they? β™₯

Want to buy one of these? Leave me a message πŸ˜‰