*** Suitcases around Rome for a day *** Take 3

Fontana di Trevi

This place was always full of people. But really always! We went there by day, by night, at different hours… and it was just crowded. So this was the best picture we could take, because there was not enough room to walk away from the suitcases to get a better angle.

Anyway, the fountain is really nice, but all the pictures, postcards and video scenes I’ve seen before made me think the fountain itself (the water tank, not the sculptures) and the space around it were much, much, bigger. So it was a surprise to see it. I was not disappointed, but really, after seeing the images before, I felt the fountain deserved to be in a bigger square. Maybe if less people were there I wouldn’t have felt the same, I don’t know…!

Any similar feelings from that side?

Tourism Italy Water fountain Italy


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