Did you know…

… that pomegranate is a fruit associated with Good Luck and prosperity? Here is an example of its symbolism in Greek culture (and some really yummy recipes!).

In my family, and recently in my closest group of friends, we prepare small packages with three grains of pomegranate that we keep in our wallets all year so that we don’t run out of money. It is not to make us rich, it is just to make sure we have enough 🙂 I find it really funny, even if it i not true. But in fact, after you do it one year just for fun, the next year you cannot do without it, because.. ‘you never know…’!! Right?

Some people also eat pomegranate seed in the new years eve, instead of grapes or raisin, and then keep the seed for good luck. Maybe I’ll try that one next year!

A wish you a year full of delicious pomegranates!



(picture from http://steamykitchen.com/)



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