The minimalist collection

… comes in 4 colours, and that reminded me giving them names of different fruits: Red – Pomegranate; Yellow – Lime; Blue – Blueberry; Purple- Grape)

Minimalist CollectionMinimalist CollectionMinimalist CollectionMinimalist CollectionNecklaces Rings Colours Minimalist

Which is the prettiest for you? I have to confess I want to have them all… But for know I leave them available, maybe somebody wants to start thinking about original Xmas gifts.


No More Tears Running

Why “No More Tears Running”? Just because it’s the song I am listening t right now, live in Youtube. By David Fonseca. You should check it out, he is really good!

“Just a silent night

I’ll make it all worthwhile

No I won’t let you go”

Let me know about what you think of this Crafts & Music Mixed post! 😉